Risks of Negativity from Social Technology

Social technology also has its own undoing although they can be managed. The widespread use of social technology in businesses has created a trend in which companies, although large entities have been individualized. For instance, a company can tweet and retweet trending issues in the society whether those issues have direct impact on the company or not. Dell is a big computer manufacturer that has had great success in the IT industry.
In its marketing strategies, Dell provided that when people purchase laptops from their company, they would have a four year in house service, which they paid for on purchasing the computer, but when a customer bought and the computer was unfortunately faulty, the company did not send a professional to service the computer, but suggested that the buyer take the computer to one of their outlets for servicing taking between 7 and 10 days. The customer was a blogger and took to social media to complain.
Intel Chip Chat
The issue here is that Dell has a social technology platform but does not respond to the issues in real time, and that is a misuse of the technology because customers take it offending and misleading. After the damage was done on social media, Dell created a social technology platform where a department was created to ensure that complaints and issues which clients had were addressed in real time. This improved service delivery of the company. It is important to note that any negative publicity created by a misuse or abuse of social technology is a damaging as negative advertisement.

dell cares
To prevent a company from suffering due to abuse or misuse of social technology and social networking, employees including executives must be trained on effective communication through social networks and to respond on to issues that do not have any potential for negative publicity. For instance, if a trending issue such as controversial statements on homosexuality or other similar topics, the company should not indulge in communicating such issues and those who manage social accounts of the company must thus not give their personal opinions and pass them as those of the company. Creating a good social technology policy is effective for protecting companies.


Return on Investment

Enterprise 2.0 project has many benefits which can be used to improve the way a business is run. If we take a company X and use enterprise 2.0 project as the basis of the ICT platform responsible for marketing the company and even selling its products, the tools found in the enterprise 2.0 project helps in collection of data and information that would help the business in providing what the customers want and other ideas which customers may have for the products or even services which they desire to have. In short, enterprise 2.0 creates a platform for data collection similar to opinion polls only that this time the information is in the form of feedbacks, complaints and ideas.


The ideas may not be explicitly directed to the company to produce a certain line of products but customers may unknowingly put across an idea which may not have crossed the minds of the manufacturers. The major setback with this is the fact that even though the collection of data is quite fast, the realization of the return on investment is slower since the authorization for the implementation of the requirements of customers and the use of customer ideas follow the command chain, coming from the bottom to the top. Sometimes, even the top level management of the organization can shoot down the demands and requirements of customers which would hence mean that the company has not positively benefited from its investment on enterprise 2.0 project.

Proper interaction with clients, however, could save the company vast amounts of resources which would otherwise have been used in research and development since customers can give reviews in real time and those reviews used by the management to change how things are run in the facility. In conclusion, company X can benefit from enterprise 2.0 only when proper implementation of ideas is done to the precision of the customer requirements.

The Use Of Social Network In Retail Stores

The strongest tool in the marketing of retail stores is good customer service. The customer is always right, and a retail store must work hard to ensure that even when the customer is wrong, the way an issue with the client is resolved has a win-win outcome for both the customer and the retail store. Social technology has been very important in promoting good customer service because customers can openly share their feelings about goods or services, make reviews and even give ideas which the organization can implement to make the customer happy.

A returning customer is a happy customer. That should be the ideal goal of retail shops. IKEA is a company that deals with furnishing, both office and home furniture. It utilizes the lever of customer value creation because its sole purpose is to show the customer how certain products could fit in the spaces in their homes and create the need in that customer to improve their homes or offices with such products.

The aim of the company is to create a one on one connection with its customers so that eventually customers can be able to purchase products, even those customized according to the needs of the customers without having to visit the IKEA stores. Additionally, networking with customers on the internet and online helps in easy checkouts because customers can use the available online payment methods and the company can deliver the products on time according to the time stipulated.

In short, when companies, especially retail businesses use such methods as supported by enterprise 2.0 and social networking in the integrated marketing strategy is effective because it ensures that customers and consumers are met by sellers and producers on the terms of the customers in both online and offline marketing and advertisements. In essence, the customer is considered the highest ranking factor in the business as compared to other factors of the business.

Use of Wikis and Blogs by Lawyers

Lawyers can benefit from use of wikis and blogs in two different ways. They can benefit as producers and as consumers. A wiki is a collection of unstructured information, meaning information can emanate from different authors and editor, and they come together for a common goal. Lawyers have adopted wiki as one of the web 2.0 attributes which facilitates sharing of information and hyper linking that information so that the information source can be traced to a certain law firm. The Wikipedia is the best example of a wiki. When lawyers use wikis and people searching for information visit those wikis, the hyperlinks will direct the reader to the websites of those lawyers who have contribute to the wikis hence they become very beneficial in marketing by professionals.
Because the importance of wikis and blogs is to ensure that they attract as much traffic to the websites of the owners of those blogs, lawyers can use both wikis and blogs for the same purpose. When writing in wikis, lawyers constantly cite their blogs on the wiki pages as hyperlinks so that when a reader finds the citation and seeks to review it, the link redirects the reader to that blog. A good example of a blog in the legal profession is Art Law London, a blog by Paul Howcroft, of solicitors firm Fladgate LLP. The blog focuses on English legal development which pertains to arts and it is constantly updating leaders and its followers, most of who are also in the legal field, with developments in the field which have potential to affect litigation processes, costs and other issues.
In blogs, lawyers can deliver their personal opinions on issues, which could have profound judgment on their potential clients even though it may not be taken as legally binding. As for wikis, this may not be the case since that information is expected to be credible and beneficial to other lawyers and attorneys on different issues affecting certain legal exercises. Many benefits have been realised by lawyers using wikis and blogs in expanding their knowledge and their careers, but still more need to be done to fully take advantage of web 2.0.

Social Technology Levers

The advent of the internet has given business and the corporate world many opportunities which can be used in engaging the members of the society in business processes with the corporate and hence fostering a better relationship with users and consumers of products. The implementation of Enterprise 2.0 has many benefits and values to social technology as outlined by the McKinsey Global Institute 2012 report. There are 10 main levers which have been indentified by the report which has been very remarkable for many companies among them Apple Inc., the maker of ipad and iphones. This simple essay gives some of the major uses of the social technology value levers have influenced different functional process of the business. In the meantime, the essay concentrates of the use of the social technology levers in product development by Apple Inc.

As a producer of consumer products, the company has given attention to customer insights and thus has made customers co-creators of the Apple inc. products although indirectly. This has been facilitated by the company taking advantage of the vast discussion in its forums on its products and even utilizing other social media features which could be good for the development and upgrade of its products and hence the when it comes too production of a new device or even upgrading the already existing ones, the viability and feasibility of the requirements of the consumers from the forums is reviewed and what can be done is included in the new product.

Additionally, it is also notable that Apple has also given the option of technology developers to be co-creators of products by sending prototypes of an idea and if that idea is found to be feasible, they can develop the product and the individual who suggested the idea is compensated with commissions. With such strategies, Apple has remained relevant over the years and its products have become user friendly because they have everything that the user needs.

Social Networking

Social Networking (option 1)
As a new social networking beginner, there are some tools which are quite important in helping to increase the readership and traffic to a blog. Tagging and social bookmarking have proven to be quite important for my blog (Kriegeskorte 52). Tagging is very good way of attracting traffic especially where images or other information which can be found in another site or another blog is concern because such information comes with a hyperlink which then directs the reader to that website. Encouraging readers to tag themselves and tag your information to other blogs or other social networks is good for increasing readership of the blogs (Kriegeskorte 53). Social bookmarking also works in the same manner as tagging. The benefit of these two methods is that they increase the availability of the information and the possibility of more people getting a chance to view the blog better due to the use of different social networking sites and tools that enables people to share the information.

The use of social bookmarks allows people to have their blogs being seen by all individuals who are on the similar page with the link that has been bookmarked, and the search engine optimization option is even further enhanced as compared to when an individual simply writes and leaves the article as it is to hope that people will discover it (Tanner). The social bookmarks also give a chance for readers to share the links through Twitter, Diggs, Twitter, RSS and other social networks.
Social bookmarks are similar to posting a blog entry into the various social networks available and hence the blog can be accessed from either of those sites. The fact that the blog is available on different sites increases the traffic to the blog. These are methods which are quite successful in building a following for a blog.

Strategic Blogging

The advent of the internet and social media has brought out so many social networking possibilities, and blogging is one of them. Basically, the word blog comes from the term web log, which means an entry on daily activities through the web. To make a good blog, one has to prepare well and have a strategy which is consistent and relevant. It is worth noting that attracting an array of readership is what is used to measure the popularity of a blog.

A good blog is one which gives information that has been well researched and prepared, but the best blog is one that has been researched to make it possible. The topic of a blog is very important as it is what makes it what it is, and it is important that when an individual starts to create a blog, they pick a topic that is attractive to the type of readers they seek to target. For instance, to target the youth, a good blog will be one which gives celebrity gossip, movie reviews, or generally, focuses on the entertainment industry would be the best while blogs on money market could be good for the middle aged.

Consistency is very important to a blogger because it also helps in search engine optimization (SEO) which drags traffic to the blog. For instance, if one decides to blog about cars, any other topics may not be relevant to that blog even when the author is very good at blogging because readers are attracted to the blog in the first place by its content. One would not be expected to write about safari today and about motoring tomorrow, unless there is obviously a good link between safari and motoring, otherwise the blog would not make sense.

Lastly, my main strategy would be to choose a strict topic and stick to it, but other issues which may be compatible with the chosen topic would be incorporated to make the blog post a beautiful reading material because people are more likely to read blogs if they presume that the blogs are exciting or interesting. In short, some people have blogs which are quite informative, but many people still will not visit the blogs because they are not interesting. TMZ, is among the best blogs today because it presents celebrity gossip and has been consistent with its them.